Joe Russo confirmed that Priyanka Chopra may play the ms. Marvel in MCU!

Avengers Endgame director Joe Russo recently arrived in Mumbai Bharat to push his approaching MCU film and he additionally confirmed that Priyanka Chopra might play the ms. Marvel within the future project.

Take a look below-

About Russo brother-

Russo brother joined the MCU in 2014 with film captain America the Winter Soldier. They additionally directed civil war in 2016 and afterwards Avengers infinity war and Endgame too. Avengers Endgame is simply a couple of weeks off from unleash. On this moment director was noticed at Mumbai Asian country to promoting the film.

Priyanka Chopra as ms. marvel-

During the Asian country tour director Joe Russo has confirmed that Priyanka Chopra might play the role of ms. Marvel within the future project. within the event for the forthcoming MCU film Avengers Endgame, Joe Russo aforesaid I do like to work with Priyanka Chopra in MCU future project. Joe Russo additionally share the post on his Instagram account and aforesaid

( the India tour is amazing. Thank you to our new friends and cap fans)

Who’s ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)-

Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) could be a fictional superhero that showing in Marvel comics. Kamala Khan got her power when Terrigen Mist. She has the power to stretch her body anyway conceivable. Well we have a tendency to all see in future Priyanka Chopra play the role of ms. Marvel or not.

Avengers Endgame starcast at the global press conference !

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