Suicide Squad-2: Warner Bros Replace ‘will smith’ as Deadshot!

Idris Elba is taken into account because the next replacement of Deadshot, Warner Bros replace ‘will smith’ within the next suicide squad series.

take a look below- 

Will Smith, Idris Elba/

Harley Quinn is expected to appear-

According to sources Warner Bros replace ‘will smith’ as ‘Deadshot’ within the next suicide squad series, Idris Elba goes to become suicide squad’s new Deadshot. the primary film hit the theatres in 2016, directed by David Ayer currently next series are going to be directed by James Gunn’s, he was employed to write down suicide squad-2. within the next sequel, Harley Quinn is predicted to seem however not ensure nevertheless.

Idris Elba/

why ‘Will Smith’ exit suicide squad-

According to the recent news that ‘will smith’ had exit Suicide Squad-2 because of programming problems. however, he was still not formally confirmed. ‘will smith’ dropped out suicide squad-2 that Idris Elba has joined to play Deadshot in next series. however no official casting announcements regarding next series of the suicide squad. thus there’s no plan WHO else might come or not. Warner Bros has given suicide squad unleash date August 6/2021.

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